Tails of Weyland Ventures

In the bustling offices of Weyland Ventures, where innovative ideas and teamwork reign supreme, there exists a unique cast of characters, not all of whom walk on two legs.

The Office Pack

Chief Dog Officer, Monroe, a dashing Mastiff-Great Pyrenees mix, strides through the open-plan office with an air of largess, often engaging in intriguing conversations with Mayor Lobo, a charismatic Siberian Husky and Chihuahua mix.

Their camaraderie is a testament to the inclusive and collaborative spirit that permeates Weyland Ventures.

Roux, a regal Pumi, and Noodle, a charming Bichon Frise, serve as the dynamic duo in charge of aesthetics and style.

They ensure that the office remains a haven of beauty and grace, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence in all things.

Then there’s Dogtroller Ritz, the affable Airedale who holds the unique position of keeping everyone entertained.

Ritz’s mission is to provide unwavering attention to his canine colleagues, a responsibility he takes very seriously.

Offices at Weyland Ventures, Louisville Kentucky