Mashup NULU

MASHUP is a new commercial concept from Weyland Ventures which curates a vibrant social atmosphere where people work, play and live.

Where we come together MASHUP is an evolution of the third space, created to fill the gap left by the decline of retail and under utilized residential amenities.

As consumers return to newly revitalized city centers, they’re looking for services that meet the needs of their lifestyle – work, wellness and recreation.

As a vital social hub with local dining, shopping, coworking, and wellness services, MASHUP is well-positioned to serve this audience from early morning and into the night.

MASHUP partners with local chefs, purveyors, and brands to expand existing concepts and incubate new ideas.

These businesses, and the people behind them, play a major role in defining the experience at MASHUP, so managing and nurturing these relationships is a core focus of the company.