The Henry Clay

Use: Event Space, Commercial Space, Live/Work Apartments, Condos, Theatre
Year: 2006
Location: 604 S. 3rd Street, Louisville, KY

The Henry Clay is truly a unique building in downtown Louisville. Built in 1924 as an Elks Lodge, this prominent building then served as the Henry Clay Hotel and the YWCA until standing empty for 20 years.

Weyland Ventures began work on the building a year before it hosted a Breeder’s Cup gala in the Grand Ballroom with Alison Krauss live on stage. Other event spaces, retail opportunities, apartments, and condos opened in the following year, making the Henry Clay a 24-hour center of activity downtown.

Those who previously knew the building marvel at the magnificence of the renovation. Thanks to the efforts of many, the Henry Clay stands as a model for collaborative effort towards successful urban design and will continue to serve the community, fulfilling downtown Louisville’s mission of being a great place to “Live, Work and Play”.

Weyland Ventures led the redevelopment efforts, planning the uses and designing the spaces, and continues to manage the building.

The Henry Clay was the first major element of Weyland Venture’s master plan for the 4th and Chestnut “Clay Commons” area downtown. Also included in this master plan are the Wright-Taylor building on 4th Street, the recently constructed Clay Commons parking structure, the Guthrie-Coke, and the Hilton Garden Inn hotel.

Henry Clay Building, 604 S. 3rd Street, Louisville, KY | Weyland Ventures Project
Henry Clay Building Louisville KY, Renovation & Management by Weyland Ventures
Henry Clay Building Ballroom, Weyland Ventures Louisville KY
Henry Clay Interior 604 S. 3rd Street, Louisville, KY | Weyland Ventures Property