Weyland Ventures offers a full range of place-making services from urban planning and urban design, to real estate project development feasibility and assessment, to the actual development of property in urban downtowns and neighborhoods. This range of services covers the full spectrum of urban real estate development, and we draw upon our respective successful track record of project development steeped in the realities of the urban marketplace. We are adept and experienced in understanding the complexities of urban development, as well as the public/private partnerships critical to their success.

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CityVisions Associates is a professional consulting firm specializing in all areas of Community Planning, Urban Design, and Economic Development. Our professional staff’s diverse expertise and commitment to creative problem-solving ensures that our projects are compatible with the existing, natural, and built environments.


CityVisions helps improve communities by using creative, dynamic, and viable approaches to planning, design and development. From revitalizing downtowns to creating context sensitive zoning regulations, CityVisions provides the expertise necessary to improve the relationship between people and their environment.


We can help you identify opportunities, establish a vision for what should be accomplished—and implement strategies to meet those goals. Our engaging approach to community outreach and creative planning have helped us establish an award-winning track record of successful projects.


CityVisions is a leading urban planning and strategy firm that helps cities create more vibrant, sustainable, and equitable places to live, work, and play.

We are different from other planning firms in several key ways:

  • We take a holistic approach to planning. We consider all aspects of a city’s economic, social, and environmental well-being when developing our plans.
  • We are experts in complex planning challenges. We have a deep understanding of the complex issues facing cities today, such as economic impact, affordable housing, and transportation equity.
  • We are committed to finding solutions that work for everyone. We engage stakeholders at all levels to ensure that our plans reflect the needs and aspirations of the entire community.

At CityVisions, we believe that strategic urban planning is essential to creating better cities.

Our strategies help cities to:

  • Boost economic growth. We develop plans that attract businesses and investment, create jobs, and support small businesses.
  • Improve placemaking. We create plans that make cities more livable, walkable, and bikeable. We also design public spaces that are inviting and inclusive for all residents.
  • Build better communities. We are committed to building better communities through our expertise and collaborative approach.