Park Edge

Use: Residential Apartments, For Lease
Location: 409-415 Hancock Green Place, Louisville, KY

Live within blocks of NuLu, the downtown medical district and the University of Louisville’s Health Sciences Campus. Park Edge offers 9 units in a completely new building just north of the downtown Medical District.

The EDGE is an evolving mixed-use development dispersed throughout a 12 block area in eastern Downtown Louisville. Located immediately south of the NuLu area and just north of the Medical and Research District, the EDGE is envisioned as a community offering a combination of uses interspersed with pedestrian walkways, green spaces, and plazas. This new development provides exciting new housing options to serve the Medical district and the growing cultural district along Main and Market streets, and anchors the eastern edge of Downtown. Amenities in the area such as restaurants, markets, gardens, and courtyards enhance the development’s marketability.